It’s been nearly three years since this addictive thing called Korean Drama entered my life.

It wasn’t until the early January of 2012 that I discovered people blogged about this stuff.
(It’s insidious, I tell you, this addiction.)

What better way to let it all out? My thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings! Because K-dramas do  inspire —  whether it be life, love or friendship. Sometimes they make you cringe, and sometimes you roll your eyes, but you always come back for more. It doesn’t help that everyone’s so beautiful —  even the men — especially the men.

I’m new to blogging and this is a fresh start. And this blog is just my interpretation of things coloured by my thoughts and beliefs. We may not always agree, but that’s what makes this interesting.

So here’s hoping lots of good dramas come our way. And if they fail to be good, we can always make fun of them. Or not.

Happy reading!