I Need Romance 2012: the Review

I Need Romance 2012
(aka: In Need of Romance 2012)
air date: 6.20.2012 through 8.9.2012
number of eps: 16
I watched it: slow, drawn out, piecemeal watch (when I didn’t have anything better to do)

In a nutshell: Supposed to be Sex in the City Korean-style but, and I think I can say this with some authority, their formula is broken.

My more emotional response: Blergh. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing having watched the entire first season (I Need Romance no-year) and then regretting it. I really like the main actress Jung Yoo Mi, so that was my excuse for starting. (Both seasons had different casts with only the formula linking them.) But finishing? My optimistic nature I suppose. On the plus side: I figured out what their formula is and why it failed for me so hard. (Not much of a plus ’cause it’s not much of a mystery, but I’m digging down deep here. *g*)

Why the failure was so complete: So this series revolves around three friends balancing work and romance in this fast-paced modern world. Not a bad idea in and of itself. And it has a love-triangle. Again, not a bad idea in and of itself. And our cute and spunky protagonist’s final choice is the driving plot. Which… has its warning signs, but doesn’t have to suck. Except they do it SO. BADLY.

Spoiler warning: I give the ending away completely below the cut…

The formula starts with an established relationship, creates a crisis, then brings in a hot new man to sweep up our broken-hearted heroine. The problem is, in each season they create a crisis that is so huge I honestly cannot like the original guy anymore. From the crisis on Original-guy is effectively dead to me. And in both seasons, New-guy is such a sweetie. In this season, Original-guy is so closed off, so uber-protective of our heroine, it’s offensive to me. So when she goes back to him (and both times, the woman goes back), leaving the supportive and emotionally there for her New-guy I’m just slack-jawed. Massive trust is broken and… she gets over it? It does not compute for me.

But I suspect the “stand by your man” theory is strong with these drama-creators. So I’ll just move along. (And this time I mean it!)

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